Hawee PT is tensely manufacturing switchboards for Tan A Ha Nam Factory Project


Upon the contract signing ceremony between the General Contractor for Design and Construction - Hawee Industrial Construction Joint Stock Company (Hawee IDC) and Tan A Dai Thanh Group, Hawee PT commenced production of switchboards for the factory to meet the schedule committed to the Investor.

Tan A Ha Nam factory is built in Kien Khe Industrial Zone, Thanh Lien district, Ha Nam, on an area of 136,800 m2, with a total floor area of over 70,000 m2 (construction density of 51.57%), including such items as Water Heater Factory, Solar Water Purifier Plant, Canteen, Internal Roads and other auxiliary items. Expectedly, the project will be handed over in the first quarter of 2018.

As a consumer product factory, it is expected that when it comes into operation, the total output will be increased, specifically, water heaters up to 1.5 million products per year, solar water purifiers up to 300,000 products per year and RO water purifiers up to 800,000 products per year; hence, electrical cabinets to be installed in the factory such as DBs and MSBs, etc. will be designed by Hawee P&T in accordance with each subdivision with a total capacity of 4000 KVA.
With many orders to manufacture switchboards for winning projects from Hawee M&E and Hawee IDC, technical staff and workers of Hawee Factory are always urgent but still very meticulous and careful in each stage and every detail of switchboards since only a small error may affect the accuracy as well as operation of the devices. Every detail, component and material, whether small or large, of switchboards is all imported by Hawee to meet quality standards.
Given their special features, switchboards at works and projects are only accessed by authorized persons; Yet, that is not the reason for Hawee to ignore each internal and external line and part but take care to bring the highest aesthetic value for the products. Typically, Switchboard surfaces are made from galvanized sheets or power coated sheets through modern production lines and through surface treatment in a process that ensures quality and durability over time.
Hawee is Vietnam’s first manufacturer licensed by Schneider Electric and the World’s second franchisee to produce MV PIX switchgears outside the Schneider Electric plant system. This is also the second time Schneider Electric has kept trusting and transferring technology to Hawee, following the successful transfer of Blokset technology in 2014. Such great success has completely convinced the Investor – Tan A Dai Thanh Group who has entrusted Tan A Ha Nam factory to Hawee with the aim of being the Group’s second factory to reach the European standards.
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