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If Vietnam companies do not want to lose their domestic business, it will be vital for them to occupy more in this market. At the moment, Vietnam enterprises are having advantages of good understanding of consumer behavior and many choices in organizing suitable market regarding ability and vantages. As a successful business in a short […]

If Vietnam companies do not want to lose their domestic business, it will be vital for them to occupy more in this market. At the moment, Vietnam enterprises are having advantages of good understanding of consumer behavior and many choices in organizing suitable market regarding ability and vantages.
As a successful business in a short period with prestige products that are leading in both local and international market, the Business Forum reporter has had a conversation with Mr. Duong Xuan De – Director of Hawee Ltd. Company, one of the leading companies in electromechanical construction to clarify this issue.

Mr. Duong Xuan De – Director Hawee Ltd. Company

– As a new business in the market, does Hawee face any difficulty, sir?
The general difficulty that Vietnam enterprises are facing is finance and competition, in which Hawee is no exception. Regarding financial situation, under the crisis pressure, the Government is increasing the bound of money circulation and limiting business credit. In particular, since we participate in the erection field relating to the business that is being restricted in credit – real estate, our business is indirectly affected. On another hand, after the affiliation, many enterprises have gotten into Vietnam, resulting high competition. Besides, it’s also a difficulty that the resource of skillful employees in electromechanical erection field in Vietnam is still limited.
– Despite difficulties, Hawee still undertakes many construction packages for big projects. Can you take some words about these packages?
Up to now, Hawee is one of leading electromechanical contractors in Vietnam, with the workforce of more than 1,000 technicians and more than 250 engineers. We have been participating in the construction of large-scale projects that require tight progress and high technique. These can refer to 5 star hotel project CROWN PLAZA; Complex Commercial Centre, Office and High-end Apartment MIPEC TOWER; High-end apartment project ECOPARK, Commercial Centre, High-end Apartment GREEN PARK…
– Not only known for the role of electromechanical contractor but Hawee is also known as a manufacturer of cabinets, ladder cable trays, belt rack … So, how is the product distribution managed?
In 2011, Hawee has finished building its factory with the total area of over 10,000m2, producing cabinets, ladder cable trays and belt rack.  The factory is invested the two automatic and most modern synchronic production line in the world, CNC TRUMPF of Germany and the back-up generator storing  100% capacity. Besides, with the module solution, we have brought to the market products that have high quality, can compare with imported products from developed countries.
Overview of the cabinets, ladder cable trays, and belt rack factory of Hawee
Moreover, with nearly 10 years trading and distributing PP-R Vesbo Pipes, Hawee has had many experiences in organizing the products’ distribution, developing and providing customers best services. With those bases, right as we appear in the market, our products have been used in big projects, like: Marriott Hanoi Hotel, Metro Nha Trang, Green Thu Thiem Apartment Building, Department of Defence Hotel, Commercial Centre – Urban Ecology Vincom, Vinmec Hospital, Me Tri Broadcast Station, Vinpearl Da Nang, Archive Center Dung Quat, Vincom Sai Gon…. Especially, we have provided cabinets for many Japanese projects: Jarquar Factory, Heniken, Vietinack, Emerson Factory….
– What is the incoming direction of Hawee?
Hawee develops in three main fields, which are electromechanically contracting, producing and distributing electromechanical products. As an electromechanical contractor, Hawee always focuses on building its resources, especially human resource to improve competitive advantage, mostly with foreign contractors. Regarding the production field, in the next five years, we are determined to implement and build two more factories: one produces electric wires and cables and another produces lighting with the criteria to provide the market qualified product and best services.
– Does it mean that Hawee is intended to take over the domestic market and reach to the world market?
Hawee will surely head to the domestic market. Because lately, the construction market in Vietnam, especially the high-end departments’ one has had such a solid growth. Regarding high-rise projects, there’re more and more hotel, office and apartment large scale projects appearing; new industrial zones are also forming with a mass of projects that have the total investment of below one billion VND. We have been collecting all resources to increase the market share in the electromechanical erection market in domestic. As of long-term goal, Hawee will also plan to develop in foreign markets.
– In case to not be lost in the home market, how will Hawee take care of its products’ quality and brand awareness?
This is a prerequisite for the production of our business. In term of products, Hawee simultaneously ensures two factors of products’ quality and services. To accomplish these two factors, we have and will continue to build our best optimum production resource. We have also applied the ISO – 9001:2008 system and the Share point software into construction and operation with the commit of providing the market good products and best services.
– As competing in domestic market, there’s a big influence on the products’ price. How is the products’ price taken note in Hawee?
It’s an important factor to be able to compete in the market. This is an important factor to compete in the market. In term of price, Hawee always makes effort to give solution to increase productivity and products’ longevity. However, reducing costs is different from the deduction in materials and human resource, leading to the downturn in products’ quality. To us, reducing costs here is to improve productivity by technology and applying modern production line into operation. As for the labor’s competencies, we are constantly doing job training and continuously improving skills as wells as management operations, production organizing to cut input costs.
In regards of the electromechanical contractor, besides improving productivity, researching and developing construction solution, we also implement cost reduction by building a series of factories that directly produce electromechanical products. As for products that have not been produced, we set up distribution activities.
– Yes! Thank you for this conversation.
According to Business Forum – Luu Van
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