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Great progress has been made in the development and improvement of distribution transformers over the last decades.The application of high quality insulation material and suitable selection of the coil structure for high stress have contribute to the development of LS CAST RESIN Transformers. The LSCAST RESIN Transformer has succeeded in combining the advantage of oil-filled and conventional dry type transformers, which are fabricated with anepoxy resin. The windings are completely embedded under vacuum conditions.This casting method makes it possible to assure void-free epoxy penetration of both the inner layer and turn to turn insulation.

LS CAST RESIN Transformers canbe used in various fields.Here are just a few possibleapplications.
● Indoor and outdoor unit substations
● Off-shore flatforms
● Commercial buildings
● Hospitals
● Shopping centers
● Water supplies
● Traction systems
● SCR Power supplies

LS CAST RESIN Transformers confirm to the requirementsof IEC 60076-11 (2004).However we can also meet the requirements of the followingstandards, upon request.
● ANSI / IEEE C57.12.01 (2005): General requirement for dry-type distribution and powertransformers.
● CSA Standard C9-M1981: Dry type transformers.
● HD538.1,2,3(1995): 3 Phase Dry type distribution transformers. 50Hz from 100kVA to 2500kVA
● BS 7806 (1995): Dry type Power transformers
● AS 2374 (1982): Power transformers
* Transformers for rectifier applications and other special purposescan be supplied according to the client’s specification.

Rated voltage HV COIL: Up to 36kV
LV COIL: Up to 600V
* Dual High voltage coils can also be supplied.
Standard Tapping range : ±2.5%, ±5%
* Other ratings are available by request
Power capacity Single phase: 20 ~ 2,000kVA
Three phase: 50 ~ 15,000kVA
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Other frequency is available by request
% Impedance voltage IEC STD : 4 ~ 8%
ANSI STD : 5.75%
* Other % impedance voltages are available.
Connections HV COIL : Delta
LV COIL : Star with neutral point
* Other connections are available to meet requirement.
Temperature class (According to IEC 60076-11) HV COIL and LV COIL : F CLASS
* H class coils are available by request.
Conductor Aluminum (standard)
Copper (optional)
Noise Level (according to NEMA Std.) 500kVA – 60dB
750kVA – 64dB
1000kVA – 64dB
1500kVA – 65dB
2000kVA – 66dB
2500kVA – 68dB

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