Fire hydrant cabinet

Fire hydrant cabinet is used for containing fighting equipments such as: Alarms, hose reels, ACB fire extinguishers, CO2, rescued equipments, dismantled tools…

Fire hydrant cabinet is installed in the industrial and civil constructions such as factories, industrial zones, commercial centers, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, ports, airport…

Standards BS EN694
IEC 60529
Ingress protection (IP) IP3X (Indoor)
IP54 (Outdoor)
Steel thickness 1.0mm; 1.2mm
Glass thickness 5mm
Materials Inox or Steel
Surface finish No coating (INOX)
Electro-static powdercoated
50μm (steel)
Standard colors • Inox color
• RAL3000
No Type of cabinet Standard Size Order code Color code
1 Wall mounted cabinet H1100xW650xD250xT1.2MM HWWF1165C12 RAL 3000
2 Wall recessed cabinet H1100xW650xD250xT1.2MM HWWM1165C12 RAL 3000
3 Outdoor cabinet H1000xW650xD250xT1.2MM HWOD1065C12 RAL 3000
4 Hose cabinet H500xW400xD180xT1.0MM HWHC5040A12 RAL 3000
5 Fire hydrant cabinet H500xW400xD180xT1.0MM HWFH5040A12 RAL 3000
6 Life-saving and demolition tools cabinet H1500xW1000xD300xT1.5MM HWFC1510E15 RAL 3000
7 ABC fire extinguisher cabinet with
arlam, emergency light and push button
H1250xW650xD250xT1.2MM HWFA12565C12 RAL 3000
8 Arlam, emergency light, push button
(wall mounted type)
H410xW230xD90xT1.0MM HWAW4123A10 RAL 3000
9 Arlam, emergency light, push button
(wall recessed type)
H410xW230xD90xT1.0MM HWAM4123A10 RAL 3000
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