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Busway LS Korea is distribution systems are made available including busbars placed in protective housings and accessories.

Busway is used to transmit power instead of conventional power cable.

• Made with hard housing and conductors have copper or aluminum core.
• Coated with insulating material. The busbars have a maximum length of 3 m, are connected by connectors, and have position to extract power or not, depending  on design and installation location in the building.
• Busway has the main characteristics: conductive shell and core, insulating material, the shape of the bar, and accessories.
• Origin: South Korea.
• Shell: The cast aluminum shell consists of two pieces
• Core: Copper or Aluminum, purity up to 99.99%
• Component of insulation material: Epoxy.
• Shape of busbar: Shape sandwich type with 4 heat wing.
• Accessories: Junctions, Plug-ins included MCCB, rack …

Electrical data 
Voltage 1000 V
Load current 630A ~ 6000A  (7500A for Cooper)
Material Cooper or Aluminum
Class of insulation Cast Aluminum
Phase number 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
Earthing Earthing housing : +GE = 100%E
Earthing pole adding :+50%E, +100%E
Ingress of Protection (IP) IP54( Standard) or IP65
Reference code 1000V 2500A 3P4W+GE CU/AL-AL IP54
1000V 2500A 3P4W+50%E CU/AL-AL IP54
1000V 2500A 3P4W+100%E CU/AL-AL IP54

Aluminum Busway 

Busbar Rating (A) 1000 1200 2500 3000
Dimension (Height x Width) mm 160×180 160×180 290×180 385×180
Weight (Kg/m) 23 29 53 68

Cooper Busway 

Busbar Rating (A) 1000 1200 2000 3000
Dimension (Height x Width) mm 135×180 160×180 235×180 108×385
Weight (Kg/m) 35 42 66 108

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