Blokset switchboard

Blokset is a complete range of LV switchboard to meet all your needs. The products is designed, developed, type tested and technology transfered by Schneider Electric; detail designed, production processed and finished by Hawee factory under license contract.

Blokset is used for power supply, distribution (up to 6300A), motor control (up to 250kW) and power factor correction.

Applications Distribution
Motor control
Reactive power correction
Reference standards IEC 61439
IEC 60529
AS 3439/1
Climatic resistance
– Damp heat withstand IEC 60068-2-30
– Dry heat withstand IEC 60068-2-2
– Low temperatures IEC 60068-21
– Salt spray IEC 600068-2-11
Installation Indoor
Electrical Specifications
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 V AC
Voltage rating (Ue) 690 V AC
Rated frequency (F) 50/60 Hz
Rated impact withstand voltage (Uimp) 12 kV
Auxiliary circuit rated voltage 230 V AC max.
Surge category IV
Degree of pollution 3
Rated current (ln) 6300 A
Horizontal busbar rating SJB-4000 A/DJB-6300 A
Vertical busbar rating 3200 A
Horizontal busbar:
– Rated 1s short-term current (lcw) 30/50/85/100 kA
– Rated peak current 63/105/187/220 kA
Vertical busbar:
– Rated 1s short-term current (lcw) 30/50/85 kA
– Rated peak current 63/105/178 kA
Rated conditional short-circuit current (lsc) 100 kA
Internal arc protection IEC 61641 85 kA 0.3 s
Earthing system TT-IT-TNS-TNC
Power incoming and outgoing limits Up to 6300 A
Motor control feeder limits Up to 250 kW 400 V
Mechanical Specifications
Cable inlet Top/bottom
Cable access  Front/rear
Ingress protection (IP) 20/31/42/54
Form 1/2b/3b/4
Withdrawability FFF/WWW
Average weight 650 Kg
Surface finish Electro-static powder-coated 50μm
Framework Panel construction
Standard colors RAL9002 (light grey) / RAL7016 (graphite grey)


 Dimensions (mm)
Height 2200
Width 500/700/900/1200
Depth 400/600
Ứng dụng Phân phối
Điều khiển động cơ
Bù công suất
Các tiêu chuẩn IEC 61439
IEC 60529
AS 3439/1
Điều kiện khí hậu Chịu nóng ẩm: IEC 60068-2-30
Chịu khô nóng: IEC 60068-2-2
Chịu nhiệt độ thấp: IEC 60068-21
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