Medium voltage switchboard

Medium voltage switchboard is used for power switching, distribution and metering in medium voltage network or loads.


The LSCAST RESIN Transformer has succeeded in combining the advantage of oil-filled and conventional dry type transformers, which are fabricated with anepoxy resin.

Rack cabinet

Rack cabinet is used to contain IT equipment, network,... for the server systems in data centers and communication-network cabinets.

Transformer cases

Dry transformer case is used to protect and cool dry transformer. This is a new product researched and manufactured by Hawee in a localization importedproducts program for the...


Cable tray, cable ladder and supporting system is the main load bearing structure of electric cable system. These materials often being the last-order of electric...

Distribution board (DB)

Distribution board is used in low-voltage systems, installed in the technical room of each floor or before group of load consumers inside factory or workshop.

Blokset switchboard

Blokset is a complete range of LV switchboard to meet all your needs. The products is designed, developed, type tested and technology transfered by Schneider...

Main switchboard MSB

Main SwitchBoard (MSB) is the incoming component of low-voltage systems and this is the most important factor of the power distribution network. Hawee can design...

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