As a member of the system Hawee Group, Hawee Production and Trading Co., Ltd operates in two main fields: Production of electric cabinet, cable tray and distribution business of engineering products – electricity.

Located on 10,000sq.m area, Hawee factory is considered as one of the biggest and most modern factories in Vietnam. With complete CNC production chains from TRUMPF (Germany), back-up by a full capacity generator, we ensure high accuracy and unanimity of our products as well as fastest delivery schedule for a large number of orders.  So far, our products have been supplying and well-operating in key and high tecnology required projects such as: Mong Duong 1, Mong Duong 2, Nghi Son 1 Thermal power plants. Almost local factories of international corporation are using our products to ensure their sustainable production chains such as: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hitachi, Bridgestones, Jaguar, Piaggio, Nokia, Fuji Xerox, Heineken, Samsung…

In distribution business, since 2004 Hawee has known as the distributor for PP-R VESBO® piping system. Nowaday, Hawee P & T is cooperating with Schneider Electric, LS-IS, Mitsubishi in distribution of Busway, transformers, medium voltage switchgear, air conditioner.

With our motto of being trully your partner, we are always forcus on developing human resources, technology investment, improvement of institutional and standardization of procedures in order to bring our customer with comprehensive Quality – Progress – Services.

Hawee Production and Trading JSC.

Hawee P&T has the vision and mission to become a world class manufacturer of panel cabinets, with capability of executing projects which require large scale and high technical requirements.
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